More Pictures of my work.

3 thoughts on “More Pictures of my work.

  1. I own a new Ruger Ranch mini 14 .556 and want to put a muzzle brake on it, but they say it has to be threaded. Can you do that and what would be the price?? Thanks for all your help.

    • Get your answers immediately by using a phone. I could have answered your question last month in less time than it took you to write it. Yes, $85 labor.

      • Yeah, that guy doesn’t read so well, does he? My site specifically says that a phone call is required to quote any gun work. I don’t do email quotes. A conversation is required to determine if the caller is qualified and worthy of my work and attention. I screen and profile my customers. Think Las Vegas.
        Thanks for the comment. I should have removed the email address as a means of contact, it served a purpose at one time, but I no
        longer use it. My page now only shows my phone number.

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