Pictures of Tucson Engraver Engraving examples









Engraved Mauser floorplate

Desert scene, Tucson AZ

Tribute to Trixie

Here are some engraving samples. I am a professional master engraver. I received my engraving training from Rachel Wells of Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona. I am often asked, “How much does engraving cost?” And the answer I always give is, “It depends on the job.” Each job is different. The cost of the job will be dependent on the condition of the piece (if it is blued, it will require rebluing after engraving) and the extent of the engraving, whether it be just a few scrolls, some lettering or full coverage of the piece. The more lines to be engraved, the more the cost. I can engrave your artwork or I can design the artwork myself. I will produce a 1:1 scale drawing of your piece with the engraving drawn with the job cost for your approval. One half of the job is due then and the other half is due upon delivery.



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